The policies detailed below are set for the use of information provided by the user and how DECORATIVA manages and protects that information.

When you buy something in our store we capture personal information such as your name, address and emails as part of the purchase process. We handle this information with absolute confidentiality, we never share it or reveal it to third parties.
When you browse our store, we automatically capture your IP address, browser and operating system in order to interact with you optimally. Additionally we apply cookies to improve your experience with our store.
With your permission, we will send you emails about our store, new products, other updates and offers.

When you enter the personal information we require to complete your transaction, you are at the same time agreeing to the right to capture that information, verify your credit card, place the order, arrange delivery or return. This information will only be used by our company for the reason you provide it to us.
If we need your personal information for any secondary reason, such as marketing or satisfaction surveys, we will always obtain your consent.

We take all reasonable steps and precautions to protect your personal information and follow industry best practices to ensure that your information is not misused, altered or destroyed.
We encrypt your credit card information using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) layer technology and store it with AES-256 encryption. We also follow all PCI-DSS requirements.

The payment methods used by THE COMPANY are third party services. These third party services (Blue, PayPal) comply with all security and encryption standards to keep your information secure. They will only use the necessary information to complete the required process.
We also recommend reading the privacy policies of these providers to better understand how they handle the information provided.

We use the technology of cookies to collect and store information when you interact with our portal, this helps us to improve your browsing experience and purchase. This is the list of cookies we use.
- _session_id, unique, per session. It allows us to archive information about your session.
- Cart, unique, persists for 2 weeks. Save information about the contents of your shopping cart.
- _secure_session_id, unique, per session.
- storefront_digest, unique, undefined. If the store has a password, it is used to determine if the current visitor has access.

Age of Consent
When using our store, you automatically certify that you are of legal age and consent that any minor under your guardianship use our portal. We are not responsible for damages caused to the users of this portal, or any third party, for the illegal use of the same or the content and information available on it.

Changes to privacy policies
We reserve the right to modify these policies at any time, they will always be published on this page and available for your review. The changes and clarifications will have immediate effects after being communicated in the portal.

Questions and Contact Information
To access, correct or delete any information you have in our records, send us a complaint or simply need more information you can contact us at